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Zombie Defense, an action game, is developed by Homa Games. Zombies, created through the reanimation of corpses, are the main character of this game. They ruin everything in their way, including humans.

If zombies touch a human, it’ll change into a zombie. Continuously, you may need to enhance your tactic strategy to stop and to kill them. So, download Zombie Defense MOD APK, because it gives all premium features for free.

You need to protect yourself from the invading zombies. In addition, you may need to unlock new units and to upgrade new weapons to defeat them. This MOD of the game provides you unlimited money, gems, and immortality for free.

Moreover, the MOD version adds value to the Zombie Defense APK and introduces fantastic features.

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Grenades
  • One Hit
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Damage Multiplayer
  • Premium Free

Gameplay of Zombie Defense

Fighting between Zombies and Humans is an adventurous beginning point of this game. Zombies’ mission is to demolish everything and to kill humans or soldiers.

Tremendous waves of zombies keep on moving forward and ruin everything. They’ll continuously try to eliminate humans and to destroy your safety units.

On the other hand, you and your soldiers need to secure yourself and try to kill them with the help of your upgraded weapons. So, your mission is to kill all zombies in a game.

Furthermore, you’ll continue to upgrade your weapons, power, skins, and other things. Further rounds of this game make it very interesting.

Features of Zombie Defense APK

1. Many Levels to Play

The long-lasting battle between them makes this game unending. You can play as many levels as you want. The game will gradually become harder than before.

During this, you’ll try to upgrade your weapons and other things. So, be ready to face millions of invading Zombies.

Zombie Defence MOD APK

2. Different Kinds of Equipment

There are a plethora of weapons in the game to fight against Zombies. Moreover, these weapons are good at efficiency.

Here’s the list of equipment:

  • Laser Gun
  • Quad Rocket Launcher
  • Flame Thrower
  • Lightsaber
  • Shotgun
  • Drones

Different kinds of skin can also help you to fight. Hence, you can buy all things with money or gems to help you defeat them.

3. New Themes

It’s a colorful, engaging game with different themes. The developers of the game often change its structure. They’ve introduced many themes that’ll appear in the next round.

You can also enjoy various eye-catching themes on different levels. So, the themes make the game outstanding for all players.

4. Reward System

You’ll be rewarded with money and gems when you clear a round. These help you to upgrade your skills and your safety units. You should upgrade your weapons and units with money, but this money isn’t enough to improve your efficiency.

So, if you like this game, you need to download a MOD version full of unlimited money and gems.

5. Online and Offline Mood

When you play this game online, there’ll be several ads that’ll disturb you and will decrease your playing efficiency. So, the MOD version is ads-free for players’ convenience.

Moreover, you can play this game without any internet connection, wifi, and data. You can also upgrade your weapons or units without an internet connection.

Features of Zombie Defense MOD APK

Writing Zombie Defense MOD APK features was no easy feat. There are beneficial features that are free to use.

Some of the features are discussed below:

1. Zombie Defense MOD APK Immortality

Immortality is a salient feature of this MOD that makes it an admired game. You won’t die until you want to quit the game. In addition, this feature will help you to cross many rounds and to get more money and gems.

Zombie Defence MOD APK immortality

So, you can enjoy this game for hours without getting bored with the help of these features. Immortality is an unbelievable feature in Zombie Defense MOD APK.

2. Zombie Defense MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems 

Zombie defense, an ordinary featured game, has no unlimited money and gems for free. So, get the Zombie Defense MOD unlimited money and gems from here.

In the MOD version, you can get more money and gems for free to upgrade things. You can upgrade weapons and can unlock more units to defend yourself and to kill zombies.

3. Zombie Defense MOD APK Free Shopping

In this version, shopping is free. Drones, skins, and weapons are expensive and salient things to fight. Without these things, you can’t defeat zombies and can’t protect your units.

In short, these things are as important as oxygen to live. You can unlock other units for free. It can increase your fighting power against zombies.

So, download Zombie defense APK free shopping and enjoy extraordinary features.

4. Zombie Defense MOD APK No Ads

You can play this game both offline and online. There’ll be no ads in any mood. This modified version has no ads.

So, download the latest version of the Zombie defense no ads. It’ll increase your fighting power, because there’s no distraction like ads.

5. Zombie Defense MOD APK Virus Free

We’re damn sure that these APK files are virus free. The reason behind this, millions of people are enjoying this game, and the 4.3-star rating is also colossal proof. So, don’t hesitate to download its MOD version from here.

6. Free to Download

Some sites charge money to download APK files, but we don’t charge a penny. Moreover, their files aren’t able to work.

Zombie Defense MOD APK

We provide you with beneficial APK files that are free. You can download it for free. Now, see how to download it from here.

How to Download Zombie Defense MOD APK?

You can download the Zombie Defense MOD APK on your IOS, Android, and PC. 


  • Open the setting of your device and tap to allow the “Unknown Resources”
  • Click the download link from the above 
  • Then, open the download folder and press to install Zombie Defense MOD APK
  • So, it’ll take time to install
  • Once installed, you can play it for free and have fun with outstanding features

System requirement

Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, Intel HD 5000
CPUIntel Pentium 4 4.00GHz
File Size2GB
WindowsWindow 7, 8, and 10


In a nutshell, this game is a huge source of pleasure and happiness. You can also pass your spare time by playing it. In the MOD version, you can get all the features that make it easy to play and more enjoyable.

We’ve tried our best to describe all the interesting features of the game. It’s a fascinating game, and now, you’ve got our point. In addtion, we’ve written down all of its features and explained them to you.

We’ve tried our best to share about the Zombie defense MOD APK. Lastly, you should share your thoughts about the game with us.

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Z Defense is an action game published by Homa Games. This latest MOD version provides money, gems, and other things.

In this MOD version, it’s easy to get money and gems. So, you need to play some levels then you’ll be rewarded as well.

You can download it easily for free from the above link. We’ve also illustrated above how to download it

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