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Zombie Catchers MOD APK, a thrilling action game, is a very interesting game and it’s an exciting story. Now, the era has changed. People were afraid of zombies in the past, but now, they eat them.

These days, zombies are too weak to walk. Therefore, we can easily hunt them, make drinks from them, and earn money to sell. A player will hunt and sell them in this game to earn money.

Zombie Catchers: Hunt & Sell MOD APK gives you unlimited money, gems, and plutonium. The developer introduced a new concept about Zombies. Zombies were always trying to destroy and to kill humanity.

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In Zombie Catchers, published by Deca Games, we’ll hunt them and will run our business from them, because people like Zombies’ drinks.

To catch them, you’ll need various kinds of equipment like traps, tranquilizers, and other weapons. Moreover, AJ and Bud, aliens, will help you to hunt zombies. This game is as right as rain for Zombie lovers.

Attractive Gameplay

Zombies try to escape or hide in the jungle and the depth of streams. Moreover, they’re too weak to compete with you. You’re the angel of death for them.

So, they can’t save themselves from you. You, a discerning hunter, don’t want to lose your pointed zombie. You can also hunt them with the help of equipment.

In addition, your mission is to catch them and to make drinks from them. Sell the drinks and earn money. Expand your business and be an entrepreneur.

zombie catcher gameplay image

So, use various recipes to make delicious drinks and juices. Attract your customers to buy mouth-watering desserts. To sum up, keep hunting Zombies and focus on your business.


In the game, Zombies were spreading everywhere. The situation was very toxic; no one could handle it. How to kill and to eliminate them from the world? Everyone sat on the fence.

Luckily, two aliens, AJ and Bud, came there and told the inhabitants that they could save them from Zombies. So, they welcomed the aliens and promised to help them.

They started to hunt zombies and made drinks to sell. Zombies’ drinks were very delicious and liked by people. Since then, they started the business.

So, you must catch Zombies, make tasty drinks, and grow your business. Furthermore, if you like Zombie games, you must try the Zombie Defence MOD APK.

Features of Zombie Catcher APK

1. Various Weapons and Traps

In the game, Zombies won’t attack you but will try to save themselves from you. You’ll try to catch them with the help of various equipment.

Use the given equipment;

  • Harpoon

There are three kinds of Harpoons; Harpoon Level 1, Harpoon Level 2, and Harpoon Level 3. On the other hand, these are starter weapons of AJ.

  • Jetpack 

Jetpack also helps AJ to jump higher. It’s high power. So, use this weapon to catch Zombies.

  • Net Gun

Net Gun contains a limited quantity of ammunition. You can upgrade it after 7 shots. So, it takes 25 to 30 minutes to upgrade.

  • Tranquilizer

Tranquilizer also contains a limited quantity of ammunition. It begins with 6 shots. Furthermore, you can upgrade the tranquilizer in a few minutes.

  • Freezer Gun

You can use it for short-range shooting. It’s the best gun to hunt the nearest Zombies.

Hence, these are necessary to catch Zombies. Don’t let them go. In addition, you can use different traps and guns to catch them.

2. Charming Locations

There are a number of captivating locations where you can hunt Zombies. These locations make this game very engaging. You’ll be getting used to playing this game sooner or later.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Moreover, every location has different graphics styles and unlimited Zombies. So, you can easily hunt Zombies by using various locations.

3. Character Customization

Make your character sophisticated. You can use various outfits to customize your character. Moreover, there are many kinds of hats and masks.

Be a wild hunter, or be a great businessman, the ball is in your court. You can also develop your character with various outfits according to your aspiration.

Outfits are here;

  1. Hunting Hat
  2. Winter Cap
  3. Bandana
  4. Cowboy Hat
  5. Empire Business Hat
  6. The Monster

So, use these outfits and make your character decent. By the way, it’s up to you. You must try these outfits, because they can improve your efficiency.

4. Online and Offline Play

You can enjoy the game on the Moon! Yes, we are serious. The internet isn’t required to play this game.

You can also play this game on the hilltops of K-2, where you can’t find an internet connection. Zombie Catchers provides you with unlimited features without the internet.

Moreover, you can upgrade weapons, unlock all levels, and unlock everything without the internet.

5. Convert Zombies to Drinks

After hunting Zombies, it’s the biggest adventure of this game to make drinks from them. Various Zombies are used to make a variety of drinks.

In an underground Lab, you can also convert Zombies into drinks. Sell the drinks to your customers. So, make a colossal amount of money and expand your business to be an entrepreneur.

Features of Zombie Catchers MOD APK New Version

The MOD features make this game attractive. We’re going to explain its stunning features. We explore its attributes by the skin of our teeth.

1. Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Plutonium and Money

Plutonium, a radioactive chemical, is expensive in this game and is used to buy weapons and outfits.

Either you can purchase these things with money or plutonium in the official version of Zombie Catchers.

But, in the latest version of Zombie Catchers MOD APK, you can get unlimited plutonium, money, and gems for free. Enjoy the latest version of this game, which is better than the previous version.

2. Zombie Catchers MOD APK Level Max

In a simple APK, you’ve to make extra efforts to unlock max levels, but Zombie Catchers MOD allows you to play Max Level easily.

zombie catcher mod apk 1

You can get unlocked levels to play in this new version.  Play this game, expand your laboratory, and be a millionaire.

Plus, you’ll have to complete various difficult levels in it. So, download Zombie Catchers MOD APK all levels unlocked.

3. Zombie Catchers MOD APK Upgraded and Unlocked Equipment

Upgrading things is arduous and costly. You’ll have to spend extra money to unlock and to upgrade equipment. It’ll increase your hunting capability.

So, you can hunt unlimited Zombies at a time. Therefore, the MOD version allows you to upgrade and to unlock equipment for free.

4. Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Zombies

Zombies are essential to run your drink corner. The exciting thing is that they’re freely available in this game and are easy to hunt.

So, you must catch Zombies and make various drinks to sell.

Hence, this MOD version gives you unlimited Zombies to hunt. Download Zombie catchers MOD APK unlimited Zombies.

5. Zombie Catchers MOD APK Mod Menu

There’s the main menu in this game, including the MOD menu. Enjoy its MOD menu with unlimited attributes. You can enjoy all its characteristics in this version without spending a penny.

In addition, the MOD menu will never get you bored. So, you can comfortably spare your free time by playing Zombie Catcher.

6. Zombie Catchers MOD APK Free to Download

Every person wants free games. No one wants to pay a penny. Are you also looking for free games? So, you can download the game from our site, because all games are free here.

zombie catcher mod apk 2

You can also get the new and old version of Zombie Catchers MOD APK. So, download the game and enjoy all its beneficial features.

How to Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK?

You can download it for any device like PC, Mac, Android, and IOS. Follow these given instructions;

For Android

  • Open your mobile setting and enable the “Unknown Resources”
  • Download Zombie Catchers from the above link
  • Then, go to download file and click to Install it
  • Wait to complete the installation
  • Finally, you can enjoy the game with full enthusiasm

For PC and IOS

  • Open the setting of your device and allow the “Unknown Resources”
  • Click the given link to download Zombie Catchers MOD APK for IOS and PC
  • Open the download folder and install it
  • Firstly, you need to see your PC specification
  • Your device has must 1 GB of space

System Requirement

OSWindows 7, 8, 10
Processor1.7 GHz processor
Graphicsversion 9
Memory512 MB Ram
Storage1 GB available space

Final Words

In conclusion, you can become a great businessman in this game. Play the game, hunt all the Zombies, and eliminate them from the world.

In Zombie Catchers MOD APK, you can change locations, unlock all levels, customize your character, and unlock all weapons.

So, download Zombie Catchers from here and enjoy its all dominating features. Share your honest feedback with us in the comment box.

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You can easily get the game from our site. Moreover, it’s free and safe. So, see the process of downloading Zombie Catcher above.

Yes, you can play it offline. In addition, you can also enjoy all its features without wifi.

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