Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK v1.77 Unlimited Coins/Gems

Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK
PublisherODAAT studio
Size50 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Do you aspire to enjoy a game where you’ll break bricks, plates, and other items with your hand? Then, Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK is the best thing since sliced bread for you, because it gives unlimited coins, gems, and unlimited everything.

You can release your stress by playing the game, because it’s based on a martial art, karate. Most people have known about karate since their childhood, and they also want to be experts in it, including teenagers and adults.

If you’re one of them, don’t miss this opportunity to learn karate on your mobile, because by playing it, you can conveniently learn this martial art. Breaking various objects like woods, plates, etc in time is your main aim in the game.

The more items you break in a short time, the more money and gems you earn. So, you must focus on your abilities to take them to the next level. Various events and levels are waiting for you, so be ready!


Breaking items with one hand is as difficult as living without water. You’ll have to burn the midnight oil to break a single plate or a brick in the game. Then, you’ll be able to break everything in Tap Tap Breaking that will be given to you.

The gameplay of Tap Tap Breaking MOD is unique, because you can break all the things in front of you by tapping your device screen. You can enjoy the game according to your will due to its captivating gameplay, because it’ll never get you bored.

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Money and Power
  • No Ads
  • Auto Breaking

What is Tap Tap Breaking APK?

Tap Tap Breaking APK, a well-known simulation game published by ODAAT Studio, has millions of lovers on the play store and has positive ratings due to its incredible characteristics like relaxing gameplay, various modes, and others.

Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK Unlimited Money

You’ll break some ordinary items at the start of the game; as you proceed to the next levels, you’ll have to break heavy objects like wood, planets, bricks, and a few more. Moreover, you can utilize power-ups to break the hard objects.

What is Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK?

Tap Tap Breaking APK MOD, a modded version, that’s available on google with its notable characteristics like unlimited coins, gems, money, strength, boosters, and everything unlocked at no expense.

By using the MOD version, you can quickly unlock hardened levels and can also get numerous rewards. Additionally, you can effortlessly break the heaviest items by adding abilities to your character.

You can download MOD APK Tap Tap Breaking from UnlimitedAPKs.com free of cost to enjoy addicted gameplay. So, try Tap Tap Run MOD APK, Demon Slayer Mugen, and Supreme Duelist Stickman because they have the same kind of relaxing gameplay.

Features of Tap Tap Breaking APK

1. Various Game Modes

Players can enjoy 3 modes in Tap Tap Breaking MOD Menu, while all have a distinct gameplay style. To progress in Tap Tap Breaking, you’ll have to play all the modes step by step.

Hereā€™s the list of the modes:

  • Training Mode

It’s the 1st mode where you’ll train your character to break everything. You’ll add beneficial abilities and boost-ups to your hero to strengthen him.

  • Challenge Mode

The 2nd mode is where you actually break items and get rewards by the game. It could be hard at the start of the game, but you’ll get used to it soon.

  • Golden Bar Mode

You can play the final mode when your hero reaches the critical power limit, because it’s a fruitful mode for powerful players to get a rapid bonus.

2. Diversity of Breaking Items

There are multiple absurd as well as amazing things to break in the game. Various things in distinct arenas will appear, so you’ll have to smash all the things like the moon, sun, planets, and others.

The sooner you break things, the more you earn profit. Therefore, you’ll always be ready to break everything in Tap Tap Breaking online.

3. Enhance Strength

Increasing the strength of your character in the game is as essential as having weapons and ammo in an action game, because you can’t cross in-game levels and can’t get money without it.

You must add new skills and boosters to your hero to make him strong. Furthermore, you can also make him powerful with the help of practice.

4. Earn Money to Break Objects

You not only break things in absurd ways but also break them in the best style to earn a colossal profit. When you break them in an absurd way, you can’t get your profit. You can also break them by using hammers, bricks, and others.

To break them in the best way, you’ll have to practice all the time. So, work hard and be proficient in your skill if you aspire to earn profit.

5. Stunning Graphics

The graphics of the Tap Tap Breaking APK download give a realistic view to the players and also play a gigantic role in sticking them to the game. Everything seems realistic as you’re breaking items in your real life.

Besides, the controls of the game are designed in a unique way that you can effortlessly break all the items. You can enjoy TapTap Breaking for several hours without getting bored.

Features of Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK

1. Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems

In the official version of Tap Tap Breaking, you’ll have to face some limitations regarding money, gems, and coins. But in the MOD version, you’ll have unlimited money and gems to make your character strong.

You can also utilize these coins and gems to unlock levels and powers. Hence, download the latest version of Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK unlimited money and gems.

2. Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK Free Shopping

The MOD version gives access to its users to the store to get everything at no cost. Players can obtain boosters, skills, power-ups, and other abilities from the store to add to their hero.

You can even get some powers from the store at no price in this MOD version. Then, get Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK unlimited gems from UnlimitedAPKs.com.

3. Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Instead of money and gems, you can obtain anything you want in the MOD version, because Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK unlimited all gives you all the required items at no cost.

Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems

Get all the desired items in the game, train your character, add all the abilities to him, and be proficient in martial art.

4. Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK One Hit

You can also take abilities like power, one-hit kill, and others from the store to add to your character without paying a cent in Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK max level. With these abilities, you can play at any level conveniently.

So, get the MOD version, enjoy various modes of the game by using the abilities, and earn a colossal amount of money like Jump Force Mugen.

How to Download Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK?

Download Procedure:

  • First of all, go to the setting option and enable “Unknown Resources”
  • Open a site to download Tap Tap Breaking APK MOD
  • Press the download button to download Tap Tap Breaking
  • Then, open the file manager app on your device to install the game
  • Wait to complete it, because installation takes time
  • Once installed, open Tap Tap Breaking and enjoy its relaxing gameplay

System Requirements

OSWindows 7 or above
Memory8 GB RAM
Storage1 GB available
PermissionStorage, Wifi, Location, and Gallery


If you fancy enjoying relaxing gameplay and high-quality simulation games then play Tap Tap Breaking. There are multiple game modes that you can play and amuse yourself with. You can also get the opportunity to learn martial arts like karate.

The MOD features also add a new soul to the game and make it worthy for every player.

You can enjoy Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK PC with all the MOD features without any disturbance. Share your thoughts with us about Tap Tap Breaking.

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Yes, you can enjoy Tap Tap Breaking without wifi on your various devices like PC, MAC, iOS, and Android.

You must download its MOD version to get Unlimited money, gems, and others, because all are free in the MOD version.