Solar Smash MOD APK v2.1.2 (Unlimited Money/Missiles)

Solar Smash MOD APK
PublisherParadyme Games
Size140 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Humans always like to perform new experiments in life, while children do too much, because they’re learning from new things. And as you know, games are developed according to people’s interests and entertainment.

Therefore, Solar Smash MOD APK MOD Menu is made for everyone who aspires to get knowledge about space, because the arena is set in space where you’ll perform dozens of experiments and will complete various in-game missions.

You’ll have to destroy all the planets, including the earth where we all live. In addition, you’ll blow up other items in space to perform experiments. There are multiple destroying items that you can use for the sake of investigation to get knowledge.

By playing Solar Smash MOD, you can obtain tons of benefits like you can get knowledge about space and planets, and you can also enjoy its gameplay and graphics that make the game enthralling.

  • Unlocked All Planets
  • Planet Shield/Speed
  • Unlimited Missiles
  • No Ads
  • MOD Menu

Gameplay of Solar Smash

Its gameplay is very compelling, because it attracts millions of individuals from the entire world. In this game, you’ll have to complete numerous tasks, and destroying planets with the help of tools is one of them.

Firstly, you’ll choose a planet to ruin according to your interest, and then, you’ll have to use perfect tools like comets, black holes, meteorites, an alien invasion, and others to attack it. A single tool can blow up the whole planet within a few seconds.

Besides, the controls of Solar Smash APK MOD are smooth and easy to use, because more than millions of people love to play the game. You can also enjoy the game on your iOS, Android, MAC, and PC without any disturbance.

What is Solar Smash APK?

Solar Smash APK, a thrilling simulation game developed by Paradyme Games, has dozens of various colorful planets, giving a 3D view to the users. You can even glimpse a clear view of all the planets by zooming on your screen.

There are a plethora of weapons and missiles which you can utilize to destroy all the planets. All the missiles and weapons have distinct powers that’ll assist you in ruining multiple planets in a single attack.

What is Solar Smash MOD APK?

MOD APK Solar Smash, a modded version of the game, has tons of incredible features like unlimited money, missiles, and everything. You can achieve all the things without having to pay a dime.

Solar Smash MOD APK Unlimited Money

The MOD version provides all the items to the players for free, which enhances the thrill of the game. You can unlock all the missiles and levels in it. So, stay connected with us to take a deep dive into the complete review of the Solar Smash MOD Menu.

Features of Solar Smash APK

1. Various Planets

As we all know from our childhood, there are approximately 8 planets, including the earth in space. All have their distinct speed, size, location, and atmosphere due to different physical looks.

But the incredible thing is that you can even choose any planet and can embellish it to live. This way, you can gather infinite knowledge about all the planets and can also travel the whole space.

2. Pernicious Weapons

Weapons in Solar Smash MOD make it an action game, because you’ll have to ruin all the planets by using several weapons. You can use guns, nuclear missiles, bombs, and other deadly weapons to destroy them.

All the weapons have different attacking abilities, because a single missile can blow up a couple of planets in a few moments. So, unlock expensive weapons from the store to participate in difficult challenges.

3. Blow Up All the Planets

Your main purpose in the Solar Smash is to destroy all the planets by using your pernicious weapons. In every next level, you’ll have to blow up a new planet. When you attack any planet, then various lights, rays, and energy emerge.

The emerging energies, lights, and rays make a charming view that makes the game fantastic. It’s a huge source of entertainment and relaxation, giving you a natural feeling.

4. Gather Knowledge About Space

Most of the games are made to provide 2 huge benefits to the users; 1st is to provide relaxation, and 2nd is to give knowledge about multiple items. In this game, you can get knowledge about the solar system.

You can obtain deep knowledge about planets like Earth, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, and others. In addition, you can know about their atmosphere, speed, motion, location, etc.

Solar Smash MOD APK Unlimited Speed

5. Realistic 3D Graphics

The Solar Smash features stunning 3D graphics where you’ll see all the planets, galaxies, astronauts, and other space items. All will give you a real feeling as you’re traveling in space.

Moreover, the weapons, missiles, bombs, etc also work in a realistic way, and their sounds provide a realistic feeling. Hence, download Solar Smash MOD APK Solar Hax to enjoy its graphics.

6. Multilingual Support

Due to the multilingual support feature, the game got famous worldwide, because everyone from the UK, the US, Canada, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc can understand it in their languages.

If you’re Pakistani, Indian, American, Canadian, Bangladesi, German, or other, it doesn’t matter, because all can enjoy the game in their language and can also play it with international players.

7. Population Tracking

This feature will add powerful knowledge to you about the population of various planets, because you can see the population of any planet that you’re willing to destroy.

You can learn about aliens’ populations on different planets by using this feature. Additionally, you can gather more information about their living conditions like weather, habitats, and others.

Features of Solar Smash MOD APK

1. Solar Smash MOD APK Unlimited Money

In the official version of Solar Smash, you’ll face multiple problems regarding money, because it doesn’t provide infinite money to its users to unlock levels, missiles, and other items.

Solar Smash MOD APK All Planets Unlocked

But the MOD version gives unlimited money to its users at no cost for the players’ courage. Money will assist you in completing all the missions, because you can unlock weapons with it.

2. Solar Smash MOD APK All Planets Unlocked

At the start of the game, all the planets lock in the official version, because it doesn’t provide facilities to its users. You’ll have to burn the midnight oil all the time to unlock them, and it’ll take a long time.

The latest version of Solar Smash MOD APK Max Level gives access to all the levels to enjoy the game enthusiastically. Therefore, you must download its MOD version to play any level when you want.

3. Solar Smash MOD APK Unlimited Healing Missiles

Missiles in this game are as compulsory as weapons in action games, because you can’t ruin planets without them. Its standard version has unlimited missiles, but all are so expensive that you can’t buy them.

Therefore, Solar Smash MOD APK Unlocked All Weapons and Everything provides unlimited missiles to the players to complete all the tasks. Then, download the MOD version of Solar Smash to get unlimited missiles and weapons.

Solar Smash MOD APK Unlimited Healing Missiles

4. Solar Smash MOD APK Download Free

Google has hundreds of websites that provide Solar Smash APK, but they charge dozens of dollars for this APK file. You’ll have to pay a huge amount of money to get the game.

But gives all the games free of cost, including Solar Smash MOD. Yes, you can say that again, because you can download the game from here without paying a single cent to this website.

5. Solar Smash MOD APK No Ads

Do you fancy getting rid of annoying ads? If yes, download the new version of Solar Smash MOD APK unlimited everything from here, because we’ve blocked all the ads from the Solar Smash APK.

Then, scroll down the post to get the download link of this APK. You can follow the given download procedure to download the game on your iOS, MAC, Android, and PC.

Solar Smash MOD APK Download

How to Download Solar Smash MOD APK All Achievements?

Download process:

  • Uninstall any previous version of Solar Smash from your device if you’ve
  • Then, open setting option of your device and turn on the “Unknown Resources” to download it
  • Now, tap to download Solar Smash APK MOD for Android, iOS, PC, and MAC
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete downloading, then go to file manager and locate the downloaded file
  • To start the installation process, you must tap on the file
  • Once installed, open Solar Smash MOD and blow up all the planets by using your weapons

System Requirements:

OSMicrosoft Windows 7 or above
ProcessorIntel or AMD Processor
Memory4 GB RAM
HDD5GB Free Disk Space
Direct XVersion 11
PermissionStorage, Wifi, Location, and Gallery


Solar Smash MOD APK unlimited level is the best application, because it provides a gigantic recreation and knowledge about space. You can learn about multiple stars, planets, and other space items.

Additionally, the destruction of planets with weapons creates another adventure that boosts the worth of the game to the hilltops of K2. The MOD features like unlimited missiles, money, weapons, and others make the game more engaging.

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The hardest and final achievement in the Solar Smash APK is the Starlight Achievement. You’ll have to sweat and slave to get it, because it’s hard to get in the game.

The solar system in the Solar Smash APK MOD is the biggest planet. You’ll have to work hard to destroy it.