Slither io MOD APK v1.8.5 Download Android (Unlimited Life / God Mode / Skin)

Slither io MOD APK
PublisherLowtech Studios
Size17 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Life, Invisible Skin
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When it comes to an action game, it’s impossible that Slither io MOD APK doesn’t come to the minds of action game lovers, because it’s a snake-based action game where you’ll have full control of your snake in the game.

It’s a multiplayer action game where you’ll have to bigger your snake by eating pellets that are scattered throughout the arena. Furthermore, there’ll be other players with their own snakes, so you’ll have to protect your snake from theirs.

When your snake’s head collides with the head of your opponent’s snake, your game will be over, or vice versa. Therefore, you’ll have to play this game shrewdly, because its gameplay is extremely strategic.

The discussion about the game will continue to happen, so let’s get to the main point; we’re providing MOD APK Slither io, a modified version of the game, that’ll give you unlimited money, health, life, god mode, and other magnificent features for free.

The beyond-belief thing is that despite of mentioned features, you can download Slither io APK from this website without charging a single cent, because we provide free MOD apps and games like Worms Zone MOD APK, Sausage Man MOD APK etc.

  • Unlimited Everything
  • Remove Ads
  • Free Purchase
  • Unlocked VIP

Gameplay of Slither io MOD APK Android

The gameplay of Slither io MOD for Android is very unique but addictive, because the players’ mission is to make their snake larger as possible. You’ll have to eat orbs and the remains of another snake by killing them in the game.

In addition, you can play Slither io MOD Menu offline or online, but the slight difference is that in offline mode, you’ll play with AI Snakes, while in online mode, you’ll play with your friends or real international players’ snakes.

What’s Slither io APK 2023?

Slither io APK, a famous action game developed by Lowtech Studios, has millions of lovers on app stores like Apple and Google Play store due to its majestic characteristics. Plus, you can download Sliter io APK MOD Menu free of cost from there.

In this official version, you’ll have to purchase all the premium items by paying dozens of dollars, because you can’t defeat your enemies by growing your snake with snake skins and other things. In addition, it contains disturbing ads that make the game annoying.

What’s Slither io MOD APK Game?

Slither io MOD Download, a modified version of the game, has hundreds of opulent features such as unlimited health, money, life, skins, and other abilities. Furthermore, it’s free from disgusting ads and paid in-game items, because all are free in it.

By enabling its God Mode, you can become immortal in the game and can become the largest one by eating orbs and remains of snakes. Being immortal, you can effortlessly make your small snake huge because no one can kill you in this state.

Besides, it also offers premium skins to its users free of cost that you can utilize to make your enormous snake enthralling and powerful. So, you should download the latest version of Slither io MOD APK MOD Menu.

Slither io Features APK Unlock

Multiplayer Online Game

Slither io download offers a gigantic opportunity for players to check their gaming skills and to compete for their skills with online friends. You’ll have to face multiple experts in the game that’ll assist you in taking your gaming skills to new heights of the sky.

Full of Twists

The stately features and gameplay of the game introduce it to new adventure and excitement. Yes, you can say that again, because you’ll face new and exciting difficulties after every moment and its unending gameplay makes it a superb action game.

Hide & Share Your Location

Hiding or sharing location is another fabulous feature of the game that makes it intriguing, because you can hide or share your current location from your friends. With this feature, you can make your friends crazy and can enhance the thrill of the game.

Adjust Your Screen

In Slither io MOD no lag, you can zoom in or zoom out your screen according to your liking, because it’ll help you to play the game effortlessly. By using this feature, you can find your competitor easily and can become the 1st winner.

Slither io MOD APK Unlimited Life

Numerous Skins

Slither io MOD skins offer hundreds of snakes’ skins; therefore, you can unlock any skin to make your snake huge. All the skins have different colors and abilities, because there are some expensive skins. So, unlock premium skins by using money and be a great player.

Offline & Online Gameplay

As we mentioned at the start of Slither io review, you can play it both offline and online with your family members and friends. In online mode, you’ll have to face real players, while in offline mode, you’ll have to compete with AI Snakes.

Change Background

Despite changing snakes’ skins, you can also modify the background of the arena, because it offers dozens of background themes. When you feel bored, you can change the background, because it’ll drive away your boredom.

Join Friends’ Room

As you know, you can play MOD APK Download with your friends; likewise, you can gossip with your friends in your personal room. So, play with friends, make your own rooms, and chat with them to learn about their culture, country, etc.

Device Compatibility

An attractive ability that compels multiple players worldwide to enjoy the game with full zeal is its device compatibility. You can play this game on various mobile devices like iOS, Android, and others, so to play it on PC, download, Slither io MOD PC.

Mod Features of MOD APK Game

Slither io MOD APK Unlimited Life

In the new version of Slither io MOD APK no death, no one can kill you or eliminate you from the game until you don’t want yourself. The immortality feature is added in the MOD version to attract millions of snake game lovers.

Slither io MOD APK Unlimited Money and Skins

Despite unlimited life, users can get unlimited money and skins for its snakes in Slither io MOD APK all skins unlocked. This feature is the best thing since sliced bread for all the players who yearn to customize your snake and the background of the game.

Slither io MOD APK God Mode

By enabling God Mode of Slither io game, you can become immortal and can get other MOD facilities like speed, mass, etc. So, download MOD APK unlimited mass and big snake from at no cost to you and get all the MOD features.

Slither io MOD APK Unlimited Health

Slither io MOD APK invisible skin download, you’ll get unlimited health and speed for free that’ll assist you in the running speedily; therefore, you can defeat and can kill your opponent in the game with little effort.

Slither io MOD APK Unlimited Money and Skins

No Ads

Download Slither io APK no ads to enjoy and win the game with full courage, because ads distract players during completing missions. In addition, you can get MOD APK no ads at no cost to you from here.


  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Play Online and Offline
  • Updated Content
  • Online Multiplayer Mode


  • Addictive Gameplay

How to Download Slither io MOD APK?

Download Procedure

  • To download the new MOD version of Slither io MOD, enable “Unknown Resources” in the setting and uninstall an old version of this arcade game
  • Now, check your device space; it must meet the given specifications if you yearn to enjoy MOD APK PC
  • Then, get the download link from the top of this review, so press the button to start downloading it
  • After downloading, open your download folder on your mobile to install the APK File
  • Then, tap the install option and wait for a few seconds, because it’ll take time
  • Once done, open Slither io and enjoy the stunning gameplay

System Requirements

OSWindows 7 or above
RAM4 GB or more
ProcessorIntel Core i3-4160 or higher
Graphics CardDirect X 11 or better
PermissionStorage, Wifi, Location, and Gallery


Slither io MOD APK Android is the best game for all adventurous action game lovers, because you not only fight with other snakes but also play the game until you want with the help of MOD features to do adventure in it.

As you know, your main focus will be to protect your snake’s head from colliding with others’ snakes; therefore, you can utilize MOD abilities to protect it. So, the ball is in your court to download this game to play or not from here after reading the whole review.

FAQs of Slither io

Yes, all can download this Mod game from this website without charging a single cent and can get all the MOD features.

Why not? The MOD version provides premium skins to its users for free. So, download the new version of Slither io MOD Skins and get your favorite skins.

Of course, its MOD version is free from any dangerous viruses, and it works well on all the devices like PC, MAC, Android, and iOS.

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