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Modern Warplanes, an action-packed informational game, is published by GDCompany. It’s millions of fans on the play store due to its incredible features. So, tell us, are you not curious about how the Air Force of your country fights?

If yes, play the game and gather more knowledge about the Air Force, Aircraft, and unlimited professional Skills. So, download Modern Warplanes MOD APK, because it gives you unlocked planes, unlimited money, silver, and gold free of cost like Modern Warships MOD APK.

An undeniable feature of the game is that you can also compare various planes and can share your experience with your friends. So, you can differentiate their speed, weight, stability, weapons, and durability.

In addition, more than 10 million people are playing this fantastic game. You can enjoy the game with your companions, because there’s a PvP online mode.

According to my experience with this game, the developer wants to introduce a strange game. The graphics, weapons, numerous jets, expensive aircraft, various missions, and online PvP mode are incredible features of the game.

In short, Do you want to be a pilot? If yes, this game is as right as rain for you. Let’s explore more fantastic things about the game.

  • Unlock Premium
  • Unlimited Rewards
  • Unlimited Rockets
  • Bullet Hit Speed
  • Unlimited Money, Gold & Silver

Realistic Gameplay

The gameplay of Modern Warplanes is highly realistic and addictive. You’ll soon drown in the game, because you’ll simultaneously control a whole aircraft and will fight with other jets.

Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlocked Weapons

In addition, the serene sound effect and graphics enhance the fun of the game for the players. You’ll always enjoy playing this game. Besides, you can play this game with your friends and can complete impossible missions.

Features of Modern Warplanes APK

1. Deadly Weapons

Weapons are the best thing since sliced bread to fight against enemies. No one can deny the significance of weapons in war. So, you’ll have a lot of weapons, approximately 40 in the game, to add to your plane.

You can also add machine guns, rackets, flares, and lasers. Equip your jet according to your choice, make it unique and more effective, and start a fight.

2. Stunning Graphics

Astonishing 3D graphics give realistic views and enhance the value of the game. The fight between various jets also gives a stunning view.

Moreover, a magnificent view emerges when many aircraft roam and fight in the sky. When the aircraft roars, you’ll feel like you’re fighting in a real war.

3. Tons of AirCraft

In Modern Warplanes, there are approximately 37 aircraft and five 6th-generation prototypes. All planes have various facilities and flying power.

Here’s the list of a few aircraft;

  • Falcon
  • Blackbird
  • MIG
  • Raven
  • SU

These aircraft are top-rated and good at efficiency. So, use these crazy planes and enhance your skills.

4. Jet Fighters

Every plane has various incredible abilities. These abilities differentiate them from one another. Furthermore, all have brilliant secondary guns on their wings.

Jet Fighters will help you to fight more efficiently. MIG is our favorite jet, because its speed and wings-weapons are good enough to attack.

Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlocked Camouflage

5. Game Modes

There are several game modes to keep you in touch with the game. Every game mode has a different purpose. But your main goal is to fight and to knock down various planes.

HQ Raids, PvP, Survival, Boss Battle, and Solo-Campaign are stunning game modes. So, you can conveniently play any game mode when you want.

6. Customization

An incredible characteristic of the Modern Warplanes game is that you can customize your plane the way you like. Moreover, you can use various kinds of 26 camouflage to customize your aircraft, increasing the efficiency of your plane.

Hence, add more weapons to your jet, make it more strategic than your enemies, and improve its speed, fighting power, and range.

7. Various Missions

Do you aspire to rule the whole sky? If yes, destroy all your enemies in the game. Besides, you’ll have to complete all missions to rule. Complete them and get unlimited rewards; gold and money.

The ball will be in your court to choose any task and mission. So, you can open any mission without any restriction.

8. Online PvP War

You can play Modern Warplanes online with international players. So, you’ll have ample opportunity to learn various skills from international pro players. Moreover, there’ll be more pilots from the UK, Pakistan, India, the US, Russia, and others.

Interaction with global players will help you to know about their civilization. In short, this game is as right as rain for researchers.

9. Attractive Sky Battlefields

The plot is settled in the sky above oceans, grasslands, rivers, and mountains. Thus, it gives a realistic view and grabs the players’ attention. You’ll merge into the game soon due to its stunning features.

Modern Warplanes MOD APK All Unlocked

No one can deny the beauty of the plot, because plots are charming. So, play the game with full courage and experience its incredible characteristics.

10. Ranking Scenario

Another compelling feature of the game is a ranking scenario. To rank 1st, you’ll have to burn the midnight oil. So, enhance the efficiency of your aircraft and collect more points for ranking.

Make a group with your friends, defeat enemies, and gather points. Additionally, you’ll never get bored playing this game.

Features of Modern Warplanes MOD APK

There are numerous kinds of restrictions in the Modern Warplanes APK. Are you tired of these restrictions? If yes, get a modified game version from here, because it provides you unlimited resources for free.

Let’s explore its features;

1. Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold

As you know, money and gold are essential to get any feature in the game. You can’t buy anything without money. Moreover, collecting money in the game is as hard as waiting for someone.

So, this MOD version offers you unlimited money, gold, and silver for free. You can also buy various premium things with this money in the game without any limitations.

2. Modern Warplanes MOD APK Free Shopping

Is it not good that there’s a free shopping option in the game? But remember that, this option is available in the MOD version of the game.

Hence, you can buy premium weapons, jets, aircraft, and other necessities for free in the game. You can easily dwindle the enemies’ power. Due to this feature, the game has become popular around the world.

3. Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlocked Weapons

You’ll not have to work hard in the game to unlock deadly weapons, because the MOD version provides all weapons unlocked. So, you can easily fight against your enemies and can kill them.

Feel free, because you can get all the premium weapons there. Therefore, get these weapons, kill all the enemies, and rule the sky.

Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlocked Weapons

4. Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlocked Aircraft

It’s a dire need to have a crazy aircraft to win the game. There are approximately 37 kinds of expensive aircraft. You’ll have to spend all your money to unlock a single plane.

But the good news is that you can unlock all the planes in Modern Warplanes MOD APK. MIG, a deadly aircraft, is expensive but good at efficiency. So, use the MIG, and be a great Pilot.

5. Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlocked Camouflage

Camouflage is essential to develop your plane according to your desire in the game. The latest version of Modern Warplanes MOD APK provides you with unlocked camouflage.

Furthermore, you’ll have various facilities in the MOD version. As you know, all weapons, jets, money, and gold are free. So, you can also make your aircraft a disaster.

6. Modern Warplanes MOD APK Unlimited Bullets

Weapons and bullets are both necessary to fight your rival. Otherwise, you can’t defeat your enemies without weapons and bullets. Both are meaningless without one another.

Now, you can get unlimited bullets in the MOD version. You can petrify your enemy and can kill them easily by using these bullets.

7. Modern Warplanes MOD APK All Unlocked

Do you want to acquire all things unlocked? Download Modern Warplanes MOD APK from here, because it provides unlimited weapons, bullets, money, gold, and silver.

In addition, you can get unlimited everything for free. Modern Warplanes MOD APK download has unlimited features. In short, download it and enjoy all its features.

How to Download Modern Warplanes MOD APK?

Follow the procedure to download the game from here. The APK file is free and safe from viruses. Moreover, you can download Modern Warplanes MOD APK for PC, IOS, and Android.

For Android

  • Allow the “Unknown Resources” in the setting of the mobile
  • See the remaining space of the device; it must be 150 MB
  • Open the site to download the latest version of the game
  • Click the download button to get it
  • Then, go to the file manager of your mobile and install it
  • So, wait to complete the installation and enjoy the fantastic features of the game
Modern Warplanes MOD APK Download

To play Modern Warplanes MOD APK on PC you’ll have the given requirements.

System Requirement

OSWindows 7, 8, 9, and 11
ProcessorIntel or AMD processor
GPUOpenGL 2.0 plus support
PermissionWifi, storage, and gallery

Final Verdict

Modern Warplanes mod apk will give you pleasure and complete information about the air force. In addition, several stunning features make the game interesting.

Strange gameplay, attractive graphics, and a plethora of aircraft add value to the game. In short, this game is fantastic and popular throughout the whole world.

Furthermore, the MOD version introduces unbelievable characteristics to the game. Unlimited camouflage and unlocked aircraft are surprising features, because you can customize your planes according to your will.

To sum up, play the game and get strange knowledge about planes. Share your thoughts about Modern Warplanes with us.


Many versions of the Modern Warplanes exist, but 1.20.1 is the latest version.

Yes, there’s no need for wifi to play Modern Warplanes because you can play the game both online and offline.

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