Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.20.7 (MOD Menu & Chopper Ready)

Last Day On Earth Mod apk
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Last Day on Earth (LDOE), an adventurous action game introduced by Kefir, is a famous game in the world. Survival fighting game in which you’ll find yourself in a ruined world caused by an unknown epidemic infection.

So, get Last Day on Earth MOD APK, a modified version, because it provides you unlimited gold, free shopping, chopper ready, and MOD Menu for free to make the game interesting.

Are you seeking an online survival game? Then, this game is as right as rain for you. You’ve to perform your task shrewdly because Zombies in the game complete their tasks wisely without making mistakes.

Hence, you’ll have to cross various hurdles and will to save the world from Zombies. In addition, you’ll have to play this game enthusiastically. Cross all obstacles, build your town, and save humanity from them.

In short, you’ll have to pass every stage in the game to do anything. You’ll always feel energized by playing Last Day On Earth: Survival MOD APK, because its unlimited compelling features.

  • One Hit Kill
  • Max Durability
  • Unlimited Food/Water
  • Instant Travel
  • Unlimited Inbox Item

Realistic Gameplay

Have you been tired of your stressful life? If yes, this game is an enormous source of adventure, where you’ll build your town, make a vehicle for your transport, and make different equipment for your safety.

You’ll have to collect various things at the start of the game in the plot and will’ve to face Zombies. Their mission is to kill you; on the other hand, you’ll continuously build your town to survive safely.

In addition, you’ll roam around the plot to collect the necessary things to build your house. So, you’ll find an Axe and will cut the trees to collect wood to make your house.

The controls are also easy and smooth. You’ll have a specific option to pick something from the ground and to construct a town or vehicle.

So, you may have to keep ready to face Zombies, because they can attack you anytime from everywhere. To sum up, you’ll feel that you’re doing everything in real life.


Tremendous waves of Zombies are trying to eliminate humanity from the world. They’re more than normal humans. So, they’re roaming everywhere to kill the remaining humans.

Last Day On Earth Gameplay

Furthermore, there’s a do-and-die situation, because there are wild animals in the arena. Due to hunger, thirst, and cold weather, it’s harsh to live there.

You, a mighty warrior, are the last hope of the world. You’ll have to survive in the game, save all the people, make houses for them, and eliminate all the Zombies from there.

In this situation, there’s nothing more important than life. Now, the ball is in your court to save them or not. Moreover, the fate of the remaining humans relies on you.

Features of Last Day on Earth APK

This game is similar to PUBG, but there’s a small difference in their characteristics. Hence, stay here and explore all its salient characteristics.

1. Pernicious Equipment 

Here’re the most deadly weapons in the game for the player’s defense. You can also destroy dozens of Zombies with the help of deadly weapons.

Here’s the list of top-rated equipment;

  1. Milkor MGL
  2. Cleaver
  3. Grenade
  4. Battle Axe
  5. Mortar

Moreover, you can use the above equipment to prepare your town, vehicle, and other necessities. You can also find unique equipment to make your vehicle and shelter.

Milkor MGL is our favorite weapon, because it’s good at efficiency. So, use it and save the world from Zombies.

2. Support Automatic Play

You’ll merge in your work and will’ve no time to rest. Hence, there’s an automatic mode in the game for your convenience. When you turn on this mode, it’ll collect necessities automatically.

Furthermore, you can easily use this feature when you want. So, use this mode to enhance your fighting abilities.

3. Build a Shelter

As you know, Zombies have ruined almost the entire world. But a few places are still safe from them. Other things like hunger, thirst, and wild animals can also attack you.

So, build a new, clean town where you can survive. It’s the most surprising feature of the game, which never makes you bored. In addition, you can build a shelter at any place.

4. Attractive 3D Graphics

3D stunning graphics with a tower view makes the game unique. It also gives you a realistic effect. In addition, ultra and low are two different graphics with astounding views. You can also use them for free.

Last Day On Earth 3D

There’s also a map, which helps to point out Zombies. Hence, graphics are the best thing since sliced bread in the game. No one can criticize the graphics of the game.

5. Customize your Hero

Most players want to make their character a hero in this game. Do you aspire to make your character a hero? If yes, you can also adorn your character here according to your choice. Yes, you can say that again.

Here’s the list of some outfits;

  1. Tactical Cap
  2. Tactical Boots
  3. Fur Jacket
  4. Swat Trouser
  5. Gas Mask

In short, you can make your hero according to your choice. Get ready to fight Zombies with these tactical outfits.

Features of Last Day on Earth MOD APK

In the latest version of Last Day On Earth (LDOE) MOD Menu APK, you can get all the above features for free. Moreover, you can get unlimited energy, gold, and money.

1. Last Day On Earth MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold

To get money and gold in the game without the MOD version is as hard as looking for someone. You’ll also have to burn the midnight oil to get them.

For your convenience, the MOD version offers you a lot of money and gold free of cost. Besides, it’ll help you to buy premium things.

2. Last Day On Earth MOD Menu APK

The most admirable feature is a MOD Menu, which’ll help you to get all other MODs for free. Every MOD has various bewildering abilities.

With such features, you can travel and can construct anything with a single click. Download the last day on earth MOD APK new version and acquire all the facilities promised to you.

3. Last Day On Earth MOD APK Chopper Ready

You won’t have to work hard to get anything in the MOD version. Last Day On Earth MOD APK latest version offers various features for free.

So, you’ll get unlimited equipment in the game, including chopper ready. It’ll help you a lot with transport. In addition, you can construct your town with the help of choppers.

4. Last Day On Earth MOD APK Free Shopping

The most valuable feature of LDOE is that it offers you to buy everything for free. It allows every user of the MOD version to purchase tactical equipment.

Last Day On Earth Free Everything

These’ll help you to fight Zombies and hunt animals for your meal. Moreover, you can buy costly suits for free. Download the new version of the game and enjoy these features.

5. Last Day on Earth MOD APK Free Crafting

Crafting everything takes time. So, you’ll have to spend time in Last Day On Earth MOD APK (LDOE) unlocking any craft. But you can get unlimited crafting in the MOD version for free.

You’ll not have to wait to unlock all crafting, because you can get them at the start of the game. Download its MOD version and get free craft.

6. Last Day on Earth MOD APK Unlimited Energy

In the latest MOD version, you’re enabled to get everything free of cost. So, you can get unlimited energy, unlimited money, unlimited free shopping, and a MOD Menu APK.

In short, the Last Day On Earth MOD APK download will give you anything you want. Hence, get the game from here and enjoy all the facilities in it.

Last Day On Earth cutomization

How to Download LDOE MOD APK?

You can enjoy the Last Day On Earth MOD APK on any device like IOS, PC, Android, and MAC. And you can get all the mentioned features of the game.

  • Allow the “Unknown Resources” in your device to download the game
  • Mobile space must be 800 MB
  • Then, click on to download Button
  • Tap to open the download folder of your mobile and click to install it
  • So, wait to complete the installation
  • Play the game and be an expert

System Requirement for PC

OSWindows 7
Memory8 GB RAM
Processor3.5 GHz Quad Core
GraphicsAMD Radeon R9 290
Storage3 GB Available


Last Day On Earth MOD APK is as right as rain for survival or action lovers, because you’ll fight and will try to survive in the game. The long-lasting story between Zombies and humans makes it a spectacular game.

In addition, the last day of earth MOD APK features to add value to this game. As you know, the gameplay is addictive; you’ll never get bored playing the game.

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Yes, you can download Last Day On Earth MOD APK for free from here. In addition, you can get all versions of this game from here.

4 GB is enough to play the game, but the recommended RAM is 8 GB to play this game without any disturbance.

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