Dragon City MOD APK v23.8.2 (Unlimited Money/One Hit Kill)

Dragon City MOD APK
PublisherSocial Point
Size143 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Dragon City APK, published by a well-known developer Social Point, is a famous game that’s millions of fans on the play store, because of its notable features like 3D graphics, attractive gameplay, combat system, and others.

Recently its MOD version, Dragon City MOD APK for Android, got famous worldwide due to its beyond-belief features like unlimited money, gems, MOD Menu, and a few more. Hence, you can get its MOD version from here at no monetary cost.

Let’s get to the main point; you’ll have to gather multiple dragons in the game to train them to fight with other opponents. And you’ll feed them with high-quality food to make them strong and will provide a clean environment to grow safely.

You’ll build your dragon city by collecting various superior breeds of dragons, making islands for them, and constructing a few buildings like an arena, a rest house for dragons, and other buildings.

Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Gameplay of Dragon City APK

Your main objective in the game is to grow certain species of dragons in your city and to train them to participate in various brawls. You can change Dragons’ skins to make them more powerful than your opponents.

There are many abilities and powers to add to your dragons, which can make them wild. This way, you can get a huge benefit over your rivals and can also dwindle their dragons’ efficiencies. But you’ll continuously decorate your city with multiple items.

In addition, the controls of Dragon City MOD are extremely easy to use and unique. You can effortlessly complete all the tasks to get numerous rewards. So, you’ll be addicted to Dragon City due to its attractive gameplay.

  • Unlimited Food
  • God Mode
  • MOD Menu
  • One Hit Kill
  • Always Turn

What is Dragon City APK?

Dragon City APK is an official game version that you can get from the apple store or play store at no cost. The dozens of characteristics make the game addictive and valuable for every simulation game lover.

But in this version, you must face some money and gems restrictions. Due to the restrictions, you perform some tasks and participate in events to get money. So, move to its MOD version to get MOD Menu and gems for free.

What is Dragon City MOD APK?

If you aspire to build a classy dragon city, MOD APK Dragon City is as right as rain for you, because you’ll have unlimited money and gems, which will help you to get various dragons and to embellish your city with premium items.

You can also prepare a dragon army to join in different events and tournaments, because in the MOD version, you can obtain money, gems, various dragons, and other abilities. 

Hence, get the game from UnlimtiedAPKs.com to enjoy with spirit. From here, you can also get dragon games like Jurassic World MOD APK and Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK.

Features of Dragon City APK

1. Construct Dragon City

Building a dragon island is an enormous source of entertainment that compels the players to play Dragon City. You’ll make a dragon city according to the comfort of multiple breeds of dragons.

Furthermore, you’ll also embellish this city to give it a jungle look where you’ll keep your dragons to train them. Provide all the essential requirements to the dragons and make your city splendid.

2. Multiple Dragons

There are approximately 1000+ dragons of different breeds having various abilities. You can collect as many dragons in the game as you can to make a colossal collection of dragons.

Here’s a list of a few dragons:

  1. Iceberg Dragon
  2. Juggler Dragon
  3. Grass Dragon
  4. Ride Dragon
  5. Big Fins Dragon
  6. Destiny Dragon
Dragon City MOD APK All Dragons Unlocked

Most of the dragons are pre-trained, but you can add new abilities to enhance their fighting powers. You can also change Dragons’ skins to improve their combat skills.

3. PVP Battles

Dragon City is a multiplayer online game where you can take part in multiple events and tournaments to fight with global players. Millions of individuals are enjoying the game and are training their dragons to participate in battles.

Hence, choose a trained dragon and join these events to show off your training skills to the world. Now, the ball is in your court how you train them to fight against global players.

4. Prepare Dragons Army

You’ll have to make a team of dozens of high-powered dragons to enjoy the game. Otherwise, you can’t defeat your rivals’ dragons and can’t be a great dragon trainer.

Collect various breeds of dragons and make a hybrid from them to get a high-quality dragon. To win this game, you must adopt a strategic approach instead of an aggressive one.

5. Weekly Events

An outstanding feature of the game that grabs the attention of billions of players to play the game with full courage is its weekly events. You train various dragons and participate in numerous events for rewards.

So, train all the dragons, change their skins, and add other influential abilities. After that, you can join any event and can fight with any dragon.

6. Top-Notch 3D Graphics

Graphics in simulation games play a huge role as weapons in action games. Therefore, the developer of this game made it unique from other games. All the dragons give a realistic and unique look to the users.

In addition, all the buildings and the arena add value to the graphics of Dragon City. Download the game from UnlimitedAPKs, train your dragons, and enjoy its graphics.

Features of Dragon City MOD APK 2022

1. Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems 2022

Gems and money will help you to embellish your dragon city and to unlock precious dragons in the game. You can also unlock various levels and tournaments with their help to win rewards.

This way, you can effortlessly perform all the assigned tasks in the game. So, download the latest version of the Dragon City MOD Menu with unlimited gems to get everything free.

2. Dragon City MOD APK Free Shopping

Besides unlimited money and gems, you can purchase anything from the store at no expense. In the game, you can obtain dragons’ skins and abilities to customize your dragon.

Get all the premium items like dragons’ skins and abilities from the store without paying a single penny, because all the items are free in the MOD version.

3. Dragon City MOD APK All Dragons Unlocked

In Dragon City New Update MOD APK, all the expensive dragons are unlocked for the users’ entertainment. You can get any dragon, like Terra Dragon, Sea Dragon, Ice Dragon, and others.

Additionally, you can even get Emerald Dragon, a precious dragon, in MOD APK Dragon City to fight with opponents’ dragons at zero cost.

4. Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything

To cut a long story short, you can acquire all the required items in Dragon City MOD APK one hit kill to enhance the powers of your dragons. You can also gain various decorative products to furnish your island.

Download Dragon City MOD APK

So, download the latest version of Dragon City MOD APK unlimited everything from UnlimitedAPKs.com to enjoy the game enthusiastically.

How to Download Dragon City MOD APK?

You can enjoy Dragon city MOD APK iOS on your iPhone, PC, Mac, and on Android without any financial burden. To download Dragon City, you must follow the given steps.

Download Procedure:

  • First of all, open the device setting and allow the “Unknown Resources”
  • Then, press the download button of Dragon City MOD from the top of this post
  • Go to the file manager of your device to install Dragon City APK File
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete installation, because it takes time
  • Once installed, play Dragon City and get all the Dragons for free

System Requirements

OSWindows 7 or above
ProcessorIntel i5 or Higher
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 660 Ti or greater
DirectXVersion 11
Storage1 GB minimun


Dragon City MOD APK 2022 is a fantastic adventure and simulation game where you’ll train multiple dragons to participate in battles. You’ll have various options to make your dragon wild and more potent.

The graphics and gameplay of Dragon City MOD APK offline enhance its worth for dragon game lovers. You can enjoy its MOD features like unlimited gems and others. Download Dragon City and share your queries about the game with us.


Level 200 is the last level in Dragon city, and you can enjoy all the interesting levels anytime in the MOD version, because all are unlocked in it.

To obtain unlimited gems in this game, you must download its MOD version, Dragon City MOD Menu APK.