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Dead Target, a thrilling 3D shooter game, is for someone who likes zombie games. An action game, Dead target, is the best thing since sliced bread and was released by VNG GAME STUDIOS.

On the google play store, approximately 73 million people are playing this game. Dead Target MOD APK is also a popular game because it provides unlimited money, diamonds, and gold for free.

Zombies are invading you and trying to kill you. Shoot them with epic weapons, help other teammates, and save yourself. Keep your weapons always updated and reloaded.

So, complete various missions in the game to kill and eliminate them from this world. First of all, let’s explore some amazing features of the game.


In fighting games, you can shoot or run to save your life. But, in Dead Target, you can’t run! Yes, you can say that again.

Dozens of zombies are trying to invade you, but you are killing them standing at a point. I think the developer wants to introduce a new way to fight.

Do you agree or not? I see eye to eye; as you know, everything is legal in war and love.

Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamonds

Moreover, the main thing I like about Dead Target is that you can’t even guess what will happen next. Indeed, a deadly zombie can bear dozens of bullets. They can also rush on you anytime from all sides.   

You can conveniently defeat all the rivals with the help of control keys.

On the right side, you can use the option to shoot or throw a bomb. From the left side, you can also control your motion. Upgrade your weapons and fight intensely with zombies.


It took place in 2040 during World War II when the war in the world ruined various regions.

In this war, they used biological weapons, and due to these toxic matters, dead bodies changed into zombies. Some of the remaining humans are also transforming into zombies.

So, the few remaining humans are trying to save the world from zombies. They are continuously trying to survive, fight, and save humanity.

Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Gems

However, there is a do-and-die situation. Huge waves of zombies are rushing toward humans. To sum up, this game is based on this story.

Features of Dead Target APK

1. Deadly Weapons

It is impossible to kill zombies without weapons. These weapons in war are as important as water to live. So, weapons will help you to fight zombies.

Here are several weapons; rifles, machine guns, shotguns, assault guns, submachine guns, bombs, and others. In simple APK, these are expensive weapons but also hard to buy.

2. Various Locations on Maps 

Here are dozens of locations on maps; you can change location and begin the war with zombies.

You can also select any location to fight according to your own choice. In addition, you will never get bored due to the various locations.   

3. Attractive 3D Graphics

In zombie games, only a few games have intelligent graphics, and Dead Target is one of them. It also grabs the attention of fighting game lovers.

Dead Target MOD APK All Guns Unlocked

Therefore, 3D graphics are an exciting feature of this game. Hopefully, you will fall in love soon with these graphics. 

4. Leaderboards

You can use the leaderboard to note and compare your score with the highest one. So, fight with zombies, complete missions, and make new scores.

This feature of Dead Target is the best thing since sliced bread, because it connects millions of people from the whole world.

Features of Dead Target MOD APK MOD Menu

Explaining the MOD features of Dead Target is very tricky. But, we will explain to you all the features in detail. 

So, let’s find out;

1. Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamonds

In Dead Target APK, you’ll not have extra money or diamonds to buy premium things. To fight with zombies, you may need to buy different weapons, bombs, or other necessities.

But the latest version of Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Diamond will give you unlimited money and diamonds for free at the start of the game. So, you can fight and kill all the Zombies conveniently.

2. Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Similarly, gems are also used to buy or upgrade premium things. Gems are extremely hard to get in Dead Target APK.

But the good news is that you can acquire unlimited gems for free in this latest MOD version. Now, the ball is in your court to download a new version of Dead Target MOD APK or not.

3. Dead Target MOD APK All Guns Unlocked

Fighting with Zombies without weapons is like working without any goal. You will need premium weapons to compete with Zombies.

Dead Target MOD APK 2 Free Shopping

But you can get all the costly guns in the modified version without spending a penny. You just have to download a new MOD version from UnlimitedAPKs.

4. Dead Target MOD APK Free Shopping

So, feel free to read these entirely free features. You can unlock or buy all things just by clicking a button in Dead Target MOD APK unlimited everything.

You can also unlock different weapons, various locations, and themes and can get all the necessary things that you may need.

Free shopping in this game is the best thing since sliced bread because you can acquire all the paid items for free. 

5. No Ads

Ads reduce our efficiency in playing games. It can also distract us from our mission in the game. Some people buy ads-free premium versions that are costly.

So, you don’t need to spend a massive amount of money because Dead Target MOD provides you with an ads-free version and other superb features.

Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Money

6. Free Download

You can not get anything in this world for free. Everything has a price to buy. But don’t worry, because this game is free to download from here.

You can also download it for android, PC, or IOS and can also enjoy Dead Target without any disturbance.  

How to Download Dead Target MOD APK?

There are two methods to download the game, one is for android, and the second is for PC or IOS.

For Android

Follow these instructions;

  • Allow an unknown resource in the device setting to download  it on your device
  • Click the above link to Download MOD APK Dead Target for android
  • Then, open the downloaded file and install it 
  • Then, click the download button 
  • It will take some time to install 
  • Once installed, open Dead Target and enjoy its worthy features.

For PC and IOS

To download Dead Target on PC and IOS;

  • Enable the option “unknown resources” in your setting
  • Click the link “For Windows” to download the game
  • Then, install it from the download folder
  • Once completed, play and enjoy the game with full enthusiasm

System Requirement of Dead Target For PC

OSWindow 7 or above
ProcessorPentium 4 processor
Memory1 GB Ram
GraphicsVersion 9.0c
Storage4 GB available

Final Verdict

The MOD version dominates over the simple APK version due to its features. You can get all the costly features of Dead Target that you can’t get in Dead Target MOD APK.

So, in Dead Target MOD APK Download, you will also have unlimited diamonds, money, and gems. Certainly, epic weapons, guns, and bombs will help you to kill all the Zombies. In the MOD Menu, you can defeat zombies easily with these features.

Now, the ball is in your court to download it or not. These files are saved and free to download. Therefore, you should download Dead Target and enjoy it. So, don’t forget to write your comment below.

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Approximately 30 levels, including various missions. These are enough to pass your spare time. The mission will also give you more pleasure in this game.

Following guns are the best of all. You can use any of them.

  1. Benelli M4
  2. AK-47
  3. M4A1
  4. M134 Minigun

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