Burst To Power MOD APK v1.4.1 p2 Unlimited Money/Skills

Burst To Power MOD APK download
PublisherBOOLit Game Studio
Version1.4.1 p2
Size202 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Do you like anime and manga series and aspire to watch and play them? If yes, Burst To Power MOD APK 2023 is an action-packed anime-related game full of charming characters and brawls.

The graphics and mechanics of the game are simple, but they’ve the power to keep you engaged in the game for several hours. There are multiple attractive characters having unique and influential fighting abilities.

Players can also enjoy Burst To Power APK MOD by making a squad with their friends to eradicate all the enemies from their way. To become an ultimate fighter in the game, you’ve to beat all your foes in your path.

Today, we’re going to discuss its MOD version, which comes with incredible characteristics such as unlimited money, gems, spirit points, and others. You’ll be provided with all the facilities in this MOD version without any cost.

But the huge ability of this game is that you can run it on multiple devices without an internet connection, because it’s an offline game. In short, you should read Burst To Power Review till the end to become familiar with this game.

  • One Hit Kill
  • Mega Menu
  • Unlimited Skills
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Skills Cost

Burst To Power MOD Storyline

The storyline of Burst To Power APK, developed by BOOLit Game Studio, is unique, intriguing, and full of excitement. The game is set in an overworld, BOOLitVerse, where a dangerous and powerful deity, Gloggle, is trying to destroy the world.

People are worried about what’ll happen next, and everyone is sitting on the fence, because there’s no one to help them. Fortunately, Reyline decides to fight against Gloggle who’s the diety’s last apprentice.

You’ll be in the game to help out Reyline to kill Gloggle, so you’ll have to face numerous difficulties in this way. To cut a long story short, you’ll have to eliminate brutality from the overworld with the help of Reyline.

Gameplay of Burst To Power MOD APK

The gameplay of Brust To Power OBB reflects Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK, Roblox Mod APK because both are full of action and adventure. Firstly, you’ll have to choose a warrior from various powerful characters in the game.

You’ll have to cross multiple tasks and missions in your way where you’ll use your fighting abilities and techniques. After completing ordinary missions, you’ll have to defeat Gloggle to save your world.

In addition, control keys are very helpful, because you can make wild attacks by combining distinct keys. You must adopt these techniques to kill your enemies in the game conveniently.

Features of Burst To Power APK

Epic Wars

In these epic wars, you’ll have to use your skills and mind, because you can’t win brawls only with weapons. You’ll have to make wild attacks on your foes to kill them in a single attack. And maintain your stats such as soul, HP, energy, anger points, etc., in wars.

Actions to Defend

Despite attacking rivals, you’ll protect yourself by adopting various techniques.

Here’re some techniques:

  • Organized Attacks

Launch organized attacks on your enemies’ areas to make them stunned, and remain careful, because they can also attack you in the same way.

  • Explosions

Use bombs to ruin Foes’ places, because explosives will help you to make them confused.

  • Defensive Towers

Make towers in your area for your protection and also upgrade them to enhance their efficiency.

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Unlock Characters & Form Squad

You can unlock new characters throughout the game to make a powerful squad and can add your friend to this squad. Include multiple characters in your squad having distinct abilities and powers, because it’ll assist you in defeating your rivals easily.

Unlock New Abilities

Despite unlocking characters, players can unlock new abilities in the game to add them to their hero. To take an extra advantage over your rivals, add power-ups that suit your character a lot. These abilities will take you to exemplary success against your foes.

3D Anime Graphics

The graphics of Burst To Power God Mode are vibrant and colorful, giving it anime look. It gives a vivid look to its users of every attack in the game and gives a realistic feeling to the players. Its graphics are similar to the graphics of Harvest Town MOD APK, Eurfex Mod APK, Jump Force Mugen and One Piece Mugen.

Strong Transformation

The more powerful attack you do on your enemies, the more power you get. Yes, you can say that again, because this is the dominant feature of the game that makes it excellent. Launch the beyond-belief attack on your foes to make yourself strong.

Features of Burst To Power APK MOD

Burst To Power MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems

The MOD version of Brust To Power MOD Menu provides infinite money and gems to the players for free to enjoy the game with full spirit. So, they can purchase expensive items such as power-ups, abilities, etc., from the store with the money.

Burst To Power MOD APK Unlimited Money and Skills

Burst To Power MOD APK Unlocked Everything

Besides gems and money, all the things are unlocked in this modified version of the game for users’ ease. They can get any character from the in-game store and can also get some other customizing items without spending a single dime.

Burst To Power MOD APK Unlimited Spirit Points

In the latest version of Burst To Power MOD APK unlimited all, users have unlimited spirit points, crystals, and others. Use all your incredible fighting abilities against devils and save your world from demons, because it’s your mission from now.

No Ads

The standard version of the game contains some infuriating advertisements that make the game annoying. Therefore, its MOD version removed all the ads for the users’ comfort, so they can now enjoy an ads-free version of the game free of cost.


  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Ultimate Fighting Experience
  • Initiative Controls
  • Power-ups and Abilities


  • Highly Addictive Game

Download Burst To Power MOD APK

Download Process

  • To download Burst To Power MOD, enable “Unknown Resources” from the setting of your device
  • Then, go to the top of Burst To Power APK Review to obtain the link to the APK File
  • Tap the button to install the new version of Burst To Power MOD Unlimited everything
  • It’ll take some time, then install this downloaded file from your download folder and play the game enthusiastically

System Requirements

OSWindows 8, 9, or above
ProcessorIntel Core i5-3330 or higher
RAM2 GB or more
Graphics CardDirect X 11 or higher
PermissionStorage, Wifi, Location, and Gallery


Burst To Power MOD APK, an action-packed game, has hundreds of valuable features that make the game appealing all over the world. Therefore, it’s included in top-rated games such as Sarkar Infinite MOD APK and Supreme Duelist Stickman.

Users can play this game without an internet connection at any place, because it’s an offline fighting game. In short, this game is the best thing since sliced bread for anime and manga lovers.

Burst To Power FAQs

Yes, you can enjoy Burst To Power on a PC, but make sure that you’re device requirement should be equal to the above specifications. You can also play it on iOS, MAC, Android, and other devices.

Sure, it’s an offline game, so players can’t even play this on the top of K-2, where they can’t get wifi.

Gloggle will be your main rival in this game, and you’ll have to defeat him with the help of Reyline.

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