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Bucket Crusher MOD APK is one of the best simulation games, which is liked by millions of players over the world due to beyond-belief abilities like unlimited money, fuel, and others. Its simple but enthralling gameplay makes it addictive for all ages.

If you’re the one who’s looking for a superb game to relax and to entertain yourself, Bucket Crusher MOD is the best choice for you. In addition, it’s compatible with all devices such as Android, IOS, Laptops, and Mac.

Let’s go to the main point, players have to break everything in their way, including walls and bricks with the help of a bucket crusher. Various bricks will be given to you at each level to break, and the levels will become harder as you progress.

Furthermore, the more you destroy bricks and walls, the more you earn money and rewards. With these gifts, you can upgrade multiple pieces of equipment such as crushers, treadmills, and others, because these’ll assist you in completing tasks.

Stick to this post to get comprehensive knowledge about Bucket Crusher Game MOD to enjoy its gameplay. You can also get it from here and can also download other games like Internet Cafe Simulator 2.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
  • MOD Menu

Gameplay of Bucket Crusher

The gameplay of Bucket Crusher isn’t difficult, but it’s very attractive, because players immerse in it. It depends on you how many walls you break and how much money you collect within a short time.

You’ll have to destroy multiple walls as soon as possible, because you’ll run out of fuel if you get late. Hence, this game is a gigantic source of enjoyment and relaxation, because the gameplay isn’t challenging.

What’s a Bucket Crusher APK?

Bucket Crusher APK, an excellent simulation game developed by VOODOO, has enticing gameplay without any time limit. Players will have to destroy dozens of bricks in a level to gather multiple coins.

But some annoying issues such as infuriating ads, limited coins, and fuel make the game useless. Therefore, this official version isn’t liked by simulation game lovers due to these serious and annoying problems. But if you love it, you can download it from app stores free of cost.

Bucket Crusher MOD APK Unlimited Fuel

What’s Bucket Crusher MOD APK?

Bucket Crusher MOD APK, a modded game version, comes with splendid attributes such as unlimited fuel, coins, no ads, etc. All disturbing ads are removed from this modified version of Bucket Crusher to make it beneficial for players.

UnlimitedAPKs.com is here to provide various MODs of the game for their convenience, so you can download Bucket Crusher from here without giving us a single dime to us. Let’s read about its features, download procedure, pros, and cons.

Features of Bucket Crusher APK

Challenging Levels

There are numerous challenging levels in Bucket Crusher to make the game enticing for players. At the start of the game, levels are easy, but when you cross some levels, you’ll have to face hard levels full of thrill and excitement.

Entertaining Experience

A well-optimized user experience of the game makes it entertaining, because players can easily master the controls of the game. In addition, challenging levels magnify the thrill of the game and lead it to the sky.

Upgrades & Customization

Bucket Crusher Online allows players to upgrade their equipment such as the length of the crane, bucket size, fuel tank, and crane speed to enhance the efficiency of the crane.

  • Bucket Size

You can increase the size of a bucket by using coins and by crossing various levels. A larger bucket will assist you in breaking multiple bricks in a short time, so you can collect a huge amount of money with it.

  • Crane Speed

Players can also add beneficial and costly spare parts to their crane to make it efficient. Likewise, you can do all the modifications with the help of coins in this game.

  • Length of the Crane

The length of the crane will lead you to an obvious success in Bucket Crusher MOD Menu, because you’ll have to destroy big houses in difficult levels within seconds. Hence, increase the size of your crane, bringing you to splendid success.

  • Fuel Tank

The fuel Tank is another element that plays an enormous role in your success, because a tiny tank will be ended soon that’ll end the game. Therefore, you must add a larger tank to your crane, if you yearn to get a success in the game.

Realistic Game Physics

This game gives a real feeling while enjoying it, because you’ll see how bricks are falling, how the size of the crane is increasing, and how the bucket is rotating. You’ll feel as if you’re breaking bricks by crane in your real life.

Simple Graphics

As far as the graphics of Bucket Crusher are concerned, it’s as simple as a white cloth. Yes, you can say that again, because it’s very simple but enjoyable. You can spare your free time by playing this game for multiple hours.

Regular Updates

The developer, VOODOO, of the game always tries to add new items, features, and levels to the game to make it enticing for every player. You must download the updated version of the game from here to get all the updated features for free.

Features of Bucket Crusher MOD

Bucket Crusher MOD APK Unlimited Money

The new version of Bucket Crusher MOD gives unlimited in-game currency to obtain any expensive item from the store to make the crane efficient. You can utilize this money to unlock multiple levels to enjoy the game with full zeal.

Bucket Crusher MOD APK Unlimited Money

Bucket Crusher MOD APK Unlimited Fuel

If you’re worried about running out of fuel during the game, the MOD version of the game is a good option for you, because you’ll have infinite fuel in this version. Hence, you can complete all the assigned tasks without any issues.


Most people think the MOD versions of the game are banned, so they’re wrong, because the MOD games and apps we provide to our users are safe. You can enjoy all the games and applications without any security risks.

No Ads

The official version of download Bucket Crusher is full of infuriating advertisements that make the game annoying for the players. Therefore, all the ads are blocked from this version to provide a superb gaming experience.

Our Experience with Bucket Crusher

I and my brother are playing this game since its 1st version, because we love this game due to its gameplay and graphics. We’ve enjoyed all the old versions and have enjoyed every feature of the game.

Bucket Crusher was released on 20th April 2022 by Voodoo, a famous game developer. The developer of the game always tried to enhance the thrill and excitement level of the game by adding stunning features.

Here’s a list of the old versions of Bucket Crusher that we love the most:

  1. V 1.3.8
  2. V 1.3.7
  3. V 1.3.6
  4. V 1.3.4
  5. V 1.3.2
  6. V 1.3.0
  7. V 1.2.2
  8. V 1.2.1
  9. V 1.2.0
  10. V 1.1.4
  11. V 1.1.3
  12. V 1.1.2
  13. V 1.1.1
  14. V 1.1
  15. V 1.0.2
  16. V 1.0.1
  17. V 1.0
  18. V 0.9.1
  19. V 0.9
  20. V 0.7
  21. V 0.6
  22. V 0.4

All these versions have outstanding features that play a colossal role in sticking us to the game yet now.

How to Download Bucket Crusher MOD APK?

Download Process:

  • Firstly, open the setting option to enable “Unknown Resources” to download Bucker Crusher
  • Scroll download this post to get the link of its latest version
  • Press the download button to download Bucket Crusher game
  • Then, go to the file manager app and tap the install option to install the game
  • Hold your horses, because installation may take time
  • Once installed, open Bucket Crusher, enjoy its relaxing gameplay, and destroy all the things in your way

System Requirements:

OSWindows 8 or above
ProcessorIntel Core i5-3330 or higher
RAM4 GB or more
Graphics CardDirect X 11 or higher
PermissionStorage, Wifi, Location, and Gallery


Bucket Crusher MOD APK is an interesting simulation game full of thrill and entertainment as well. Players can easily spend their leisure time by enjoying this game for dozens of hours on their Android or other devices.

Furthermore, the MOD abilities of the game enhance the enjoyment of Bucket Crusher for all the players. You can get unlimited money, fuel, and other free features in it to make the gameplay of the game enthralling.


Yes, it’s an offline and online game that you can play without wifi at any place where you can’t get an internet connection.

Surely, you can get unlimited money in the MOD version of the game to update your crane. So, download a new version of Bucket Crusher from here without wasting a single dime.

Yes, the official version of the game is full of infuriating ads, but its MOD version has no ads.

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