BGMI MOD APK v2.6 (Anti Ban, Unlimited Money & UC)

PublisherKRAFTON, Inc.
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Do you crave to obtain a game similar to PUBG and to get all the in-game features, premium items, and others free of cost? If yes, BGMI MOD APK Download is the perfect game for you and your family to enjoy.

Basically, Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is developed by an Indian Developer, Krafton Game Union, after the ban of PUBG in India. From then, it became famous worldwide due to its incredible characteristics and gameplay.

There are multiple game modes like an arena, classic, etc., that allow players to enjoy the game with full zeal. To be a winner, the player will have to survive until the last in the game by killing all the opponents.

The game is a combination of action and survival genres; therefore, it enhances the level of thrill for all the players. There are hundreds of weapons to fight with rivals, and you can play it with friends by making a group or can play it solo with opponents.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is an open-world online multiplayer game similar to Gangstar New Orleans MOD APK where you can freely roam. In addition, its controls are user-friendly and easy to understand for all ages players.

To cut a long story short, we’ll discuss the gameplay, features, pros, and cons of Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK in this article. Hence, you must stay here to scrutinize closely MOD APK BGMI to get a better experience of it.

  • Get ESP
  • MOD Menu
  • No Ban
  • Free Purchase
  • No Recoil

Gameplay of BGMI MOD APK

The Gameplay of PUBG Mobile India APK is similar to Free Fire MOD APK, because both belong to the same genres and contain the same kinds of missions. In both games, you’ll have to survive until the last to become a winner in the game.

Let’s get to the main point, there’ll be 100 players in the arena at the start of the game, but no one has any weapon or armor. Therefore, they’ll start finding weapons and other equipment to fight their rivals to eliminate them.

The play arena will start shrinking over time to gather players for fights. So, you must kill your rivals to survive in the game by keeping yourself in the safe zone. Otherwise, you’ll soon be eliminated from the game as a loser.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of weapons and powerful costumes that players can use to fight against opponents. If you aspire to enjoy this kind of gameplay, Battlegrounds Mobile India download is as right as rain for you.

What’s BGMI APK?

BGMI APK, a multiplayer action royal game, is the official version of the game that’s available on various app stores like the play store free of cost. Players can enjoy this game with international players and can chat with them.

As you know, there are various game modes having different missions, gameplay, and rewards. You can enjoy any mode according to your mood and can also enjoy BGMI APK download with your friends.

BGMI APK download latest version has advanced weapons and costumes that you can use to enhance your hero’s power. It provides all the features and facilities to its users, but the actual problem is that it doesn’t provide various items for free.

Features of BGMI APK OBB

Lethal Weapons

BGMI APK latest version provides dozens of unique weapons to eliminate opponents from the game. All deadly weapons have numerous shooting abilities, because you can kill multiple enemies with them.

Here’re a few top-rated weapons in BGMI Game:

  • Sniper Rifles: M24, AWM
  • Pistols: Glock 18, P92
  • Assault Rifles: Groza, QBZ
  • Light Machine Guns: DP-28, M249

Players can select any weapon to participate in the battle and can also enhance their abilities by improving bullets and others. You can also find other items like ammo, bandages, health kits, etc., from various locations.

Game Modes

To enhance the excitement of players, numerous compelling game modes are added it. You can enjoy Arcade Mode, Classic Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Payload Mode, and others according to your mood, because all modes have different gameplay.


Customize Your Hero

An amazing facility that BGMI APK India offers is its character customization. You can modify his outfit, skin color, hair, eyes, face shape, etc., to make your hero a warrior. So, you must utilize mythic outfits, because they’ll magnify your hero’s power.

Stunning Map View

There are approximately 6 maps such as Miramar, Erangle, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin, and Livik in the game. Each map has a different theme and mission like Karakin, a small rocky island that contains underground tunnels and destructible buildings.

Numerous Vehicles & Weapons Skins

Despite customization of character, you can embellish your vehicles and weapons in BGMI APK iOS with the help of MOD money. You can add new wheels to your vehicle to make them efficient and can improve the efficiency of weapons by changing skin.

Customizable Controls

As you know, easy control of any game is a blessing for players, because the control system plays a gigantic role in players’ success. Therefore, its developer made its control customizable, so you can set it according to your ease.

Charming Graphics

Before discussing its graphics, we bet that you’ve never seen this kind of graphics in any game. Yes, the graphics of BGMI APK and OBB download is very charming, because everything like vehicles, roads, buildings, weapons, etc., look real.

See Hidden Enemies

The new version of BGMI MOD Menu download allows players to see hidden enemies behind walls. Therefore, you must get the MOD version from here to alleviate the chances of defeating and to enhance winning chances.

Auto-Aim Feature

An intriguing feature of BGMI APK download is its auto-aim, because you can effortlessly kill your enemies by enabling this feature. Don’t waste your important time in thinking; get BGMI APK File from this site, and be a great gamer in the world.

Challenges & Events

To make the game more engaging for every age people, dozens of daily missions and quests are added to it. Players can complete them and can get precious rewards to unlock new maps, weapons, vehicles, and others.

Voice Chat

Voice Chat is another worthy feature of BGMI APK download iOS that allows players to communicate with their friends and other international players. This feature is the best thing since sliced bread, because you can gossip with foreigners.

BGMI MOD APK Unlimited UC 2022


Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD, a modified version of the game, imparts all the premium items for free to its users. Yes, you can say that again, because it offers unlimited money, UC, health, and others.

BGMI New MOD APK helps players to kill their enemies conveniently, because it provides lethal weapons for free at the start of the game. Moreover, you don’t need to recoil your weapons again and again in BGMI MOD APK no recoil.

Hence, you must download the new version of BGMI MOD ESP APK from our website, because provides every app and game like Spider Man Miles Morales APK, etc., without charging a single cent for users’ ease.

Features of BGMI APK MOD

BGMI MOD APK Unlimited Money

BGMI MOD APK OBB imparts unlimited money to its users to get anything from the in-game store. Therefore, you can buy all the premium weapons, vehicles, etc., with this money and can defeat your enemies.


Are you fretting about getting banned from the game due to the MOD version? If yes, you can download its anti-ban version from UnlimitedAPKs, because no one can’t ban you from the game and can’t stop you from obtaining the MOD features.

BGMI MOD APK Unlimited UC 2022

Would you aspire to get the in-game currency that’ll assist you in purchasing expensive items from the store? Then, BGMI MOD APK download unlimited UC is now available for you, and you can get it without giving a cent to us.

No Recoil & Others

Despite money and UC, the new version of BGMI MOD APK bullet tracking provides a no-recoil feature to its users. In addition, it imparts fast landing and fast speed abilities to its users along with no grass feature free of cost.

Unlimited BP

BP “Battle Points” help users to obtain multiple things like vehicles, skin, and crates from the store. You can earn these points by winning battles against 100 players, but the MOD version BGMI 2023 offers unlimited BP.

Unlimited Everything

Here’s a list of a few BGMI MOD APK Aimbot features:

  • No Fog
  • 90 FPS
  • Enemy Count
  • Enemy Line
  • No Water
  • Less Smoke

These features are added in the MOD version of the BGMI to make it more attractive and convenient.

BGMI MOD APK Unlimited Money & UC

BGMI MOD APK Free Download

But the unbelievable thing is that you can download BGMI APK MOD from at no cost, because our mission is to provide our users with the best. So, download it from here and get all the mentioned features in the game.


  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Live and Large Community
  • Regular Updates
  • Free to Play
  • Free MOD Features


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Stable Internet Connection

How to Download BGMI MOD APK?

Download process

  • Fundamentally, make sure your device space must be equal to the given requirements
  • Then, go to the device setting and let “Unknown Resources” to download BGMI MOD Game
  • Now, scroll down this article to locate the download button for the BGMI APK file download
  • Once downloaded, open the File Manager App and press to install the game
  • Hence, wait for a few minutes, because it can take some time
  • Once complete, open the BGMI MOD APK PC download and enjoy its notable features and gameplay

System Requirements

OSWindows 7, 8, 9, 10, or above
ProcessorIntel Core i3 2.4 GHz or equivalent
Graphics CardInter HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent
PermissionStorage, Wifi, Location, and Gallery
Storage4 GB available


If you’re really looking for an action survival game, then you must not skip BGMI MOD APK and OBB, because millions of people like it due to its features. In addition, its MOD features make it a superb game for everyone.

In our opinion, download the latest version of the game from this website, because you’ll never feel bored by playing its MOD version. You can also obtain all the premium weapons and vehicles free of cost in it.


You don’t need to do anything in Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk unlimited UC, because you can get them by downloading its MOD version.

Why not? You can download BGMI APK for iOS to enjoy it on your iPhone.

Yes, the BGMI APK download for PC is 100% safe and free. Hence, download the latest version of the game to play it on a PC.

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