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PublisherInnersloth LLC
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Everythings
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Among Us APK, an action-packed RPG game, is developed by a famous developer Innersloth LLC. This game has millions of fans and all are enjoying its incredible features with their friends.

But now, a modified version of the game, Among Us MOD APK, is becoming very popular due to its unbelievable features like unlocked skins, pets, hats, levels, and free chat.

In the game, you can play your role as an imposter or as a crewmate. Characters will be randomly assigned by the game. This feature is the best thing since sliced bread, because you can enjoy 2-way gameplay in it.

So, as a crewmate, you’ll have to perform multiple tasks with your teammates. On the other hand, you’ll kill crew members in the game as an impostor.

Besides, this game has dozens of fantastic features like attractive graphics, immersive gameplay, astonishing sound quality, multiplayer mode, lethal weapons, and various maps.

You can also play this game with your friends and can gossip in various in-game rooms. So, download Among Us MOD APK new version from here free of cost.

  • Auto Win
  • Fast Speed
  • Unlocked All skin
  • Unlocked All Pets
  • Sabotage Lights

Immersive Gameplay

You’ll play this game on a spaceship where you’ll have to perform various tasks. As you know, this game has 2 way gameplay because you can play as a crewmate or as an imposter.

If you’ll be a crewmate, you’ll have to complete missions with the help of your team before being attacked by imposters. Moreover, you’ll find imposters with the help of votes in the game and will throw them out of the ship.

If you’ll play as an imposter, you’ll have to kill all the crewmates one by one by using lethal weapons. You’ll have to perform your task shrewdly, because they can throw you out of the ship.

So, kill all the crewmates and become a legend. In short, the gameplay of this game is highly immersive with attractive graphics. In addition, if you like these kinds of games, you should try Hide Online MOD APK.

What is Among Us APK?

Among Us APK, a famous action-packed game, has unlimited worthy characteristics like multiplayer mode, deadly weapons, various maps, and gorgeous graphics.

Furthermore, you can play this game online with your family members and friends. You can also become a leader of your team and can enjoy this game by playing as a crewmate or as an imposter. So, play the game and have fun.

Among Us MOD APK All Skins and Pets Unlocked

What is Among Us MOD APK?

Among Us MOD APK for Android, a modified version of Among Us, has unbelievable features like unlimited skins, pets, hats, free chat, and always an imposter.

These abilities of the new version of MOD APK Among Us compel thousands of players to play this game with full passion. Now, you can enjoy Among Us on your iOS and PC without any difficulty. So, the ball is in your court to play this or not.

Features of Among Us APK

1. Multiplayer Online game

Multiplayer Online option is an attractive feature that compels millions of players to play this game with their friends and family members. You can also gossip with your friends in the game.

This feature of the Among Us MOD Menu enhances the value of the game for users and provides an enormous source of relaxation. So, download Among US MODs and enjoy it with your friends.

2. Various Maps

There are approximately 3 locations to explore various things in the game and to perform difficult tasks. All these maps are good for crewmates but not good for imposters, because some maps are small to perform imposters’ missions.

Let’s discuss them briefly;

  • The Skeld

The Skeld is a first location where you’ll have to perform specific missions like medical scans, shooting other asteroids, and engine refueling. The Skeld, a small spaceship, is used as a map in the game. 

  • Mira HQ

Mira HQ, an airborne base, is the 2nd biggest map in this game where you can find imposters easily. If you’re an imposter in the game, be careful on the map. 

  • Polus

Polus, a ruined planet, is the last map where you’ll have to perform complicated tasks. This map is the best for an imposter, because he can easily roam on this map and complete his missions comfortably.

In short, you can find dozens of attractive features in the game to pass your spare time. So, play this game enthusiastically and complete all the missions shrewdly.

3. Fatal Weapons

As you know, it totally depends on your destiny that you’ll play your role as a crewmate or an imposter in the game. Suppose you’re an imposter in the game; then the essential thing, a lethal weapon, will help you to complete your mission.

So, choose a deadly weapon, kill all the crewmates one by one, complete various missions wisely, and be a victor.

4. Find Out Imposter

This feature lifts the worth of the game above the sky, because finding an imposter in a crowd of crewmates isn’t an easy feat. You’ll have to burn the midnight oil to find an imposter. So, take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy it.

Among Us MOD Menu APK Always Imposter

You can find an imposter by discussing with cremates and by voting against him. If you’re a crewmate, be careful, because wrong voting can also throw you out.

5. Kill the Crewmates

As an imposter, it’s your duty to kill all the crewmates. Otherwise, you’ll lose a chance of winning. Do you aspire to be a victor? If yes, you’ll have to sweat and slave to kill the crewmates shrewdly.

Furthermore, you’ll have various places to hide after killing a crew member. So, kill all the members carefully, be a victor, and get enormous rewards.

6. Summon Meetings

A compelling feature, chat with crewmates, makes MOD APK Among Us fascinating for the players. When you feel a crewmate is an imposter, you can summon a meeting with other players to vote against him.

Additionally, you can gossip with your companions and can share your thoughts with them. But the objective of this meeting is to find an imposter from the crewmates.

7. Attractive Graphics

Stunning graphics and 2D animation provide a realistic view to the players. This game has no amazing 3D graphics but has impressive and smooth graphics that attract millions of users to play the game with full spirit.

You can also find various death animations to enjoy here. Characters are simple but attractive and hilarious in this game.

Features of Among Us MOD Menu APK

This game has dozens of valuable features like every time imposter, various skins, hats, and other necessities. Moreover, you can get all the costly features free of cost from this site. So, read this review about Among Us to explore its worthy attributes.

Let’s explore fabulous features of the game;

1. Among Us MOD APK All Skins and Pets Unlocked

The beneficial feature, character customization, helps imposters to perform their tasks conveniently. There are dozens of skins, pets, and hats to choose from, but all are costly in the official version of Among Us.

However, in the latest version of Among Us God MOD APK, you can get all the skins unlocked without paying a penny. If you’re an imposter, it’s essential for you.

2. Among Us MOD Menu APK Always Imposter

This feature is the best thing since sliced bread for those who often aspire to play their role as an imposter. Yes, you can say that again, because you can become an imposter in the MOD version of the game.

But if you play the game as an imposter, it’s necessary for you to use deadly weapons and various skins. So, play the game shrewdly, because all the crewmates can throw you out.

3. Among Us MOD APK Free Chat

As you know, you can’t gossip with your friends freely in the official version of Among Us. In addition, you face millions of restrictions in this version that makes you discouraged.

Among Us MOD APK Free Chat

But the MOD version allows you to chat with your international friends freely. So, download the new version to play the game with your friends. Moreover, you can also vote against the imposter in the chat section.

4. Among Us MOD APK Rejoined Banned Rooms

There are various rooms in the game to chat with your companions. Sometimes, the admin can ban you from joining his room due to some reasons.

But in the Among Us MOD APK no ban, you can enter in any room according to your desire. So, get the modified version and enjoy all its beneficial features.

5. Among Us MOD APK No Ads & Safe

Ads distract most of the players while enjoying games specially action games, because in the action games a single blunder can destroy you.

So, if you desire to play the game with full eagerness, download Among Us MOD APK safe from here. Besides, you can also download any old version of Among Us free of cost.

Among Us MOD APK Rejoined Banned Rooms

How to Download Among Us MOD APK?

To download Among Us MOD from UnlimitedAPKs, you must follow the given instructions. Additionally, you can enjoy it on your PC, Mac, IOS, and android.

Download process:

  • Firstly, uninstall any previous version of the game from your device
  • Go to the setting option and let the “Unknown Resources” to download the game
  • Then, go to the download link of Among Us MOD APK for android
  • Wait to complete downloading, then go to file manager and install it
  • Once installed, open Among Us mod apk and enjoy its beyond-belief features


Among us mod apk, a multiplayer game, has hundreds of unbelievable attributes like 2 way gameplay, fatal weapons, unlocked skins, a free chat option, and other worthy features.

You can enjoy the Among Us game with your family and companions by playing its several modes. Furthermore, the ball is in your court to play as a crewmate or as an imposter.

In short, the MOD features will help you a lot to enjoy this game. So, download Among Us MOD APK PC to enjoy it on PC and give your honest review.

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Sure, you can get Among Us IOS to enjoy it on your Iphone from here.

No, internet connection is essential to play Among Us mod apk because it is an online action game.

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